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Friday, October 21, 2011

One Meaningful Day...

Today, I had lunch with my colleagues at a restaurant quite far away from our office. One of them is an Indian girl who is quite modern and free to discuss about anything. She sat in front of me during the lunch and while waiting for the food to come, we chat chat chat until she touched on one interesting topic…

“Hey, Yati. I wonder how long your hair is?”

Upon hearing that question, I just smiled. I looked at her for a while, moved my head slightly towards her and whispered, “It’s a secret…” and burst out of laughter.

She had a long sighed and said, “Oh, come on! It’s just the length and I’ve seen my Malay friends hair. They even told me about it”. The Malay colleagues who sat beside us just looked at me, waiting for an explaination.

“Well, if I tell you about my hair, then what’s the purpose of me wearing this tudung?…”

“Alaa, there’s no difference right? U’re still covering it. Not exposing it. I’m confused…”

“No, for me if I tell you, it’s just like exposing everything. It’s my pride and dignity. I can’t let you see it”. “I know you are curious about everything but it’s a really long debate if I really want to explain everything. I’ll tell you slowly someday, but If you are curious about something, maybe you can read something about Islam in the internet if you want to…”

Then the topic stopped there. After a while… Wargh, I realized I’ve made a really grave mistake. I shouldn’t have asked her to find the answer herself. She might be just curious, but it may also leads her to Hidayah…who knows, right?

Now I realize something. Ever since I immersed myself in my profession, I’ve had less time studying hadith and fiqh. I forgot that the people around me is also the target of dakwah.I forgot the way to dakwah to a Non-Muslim. I’ve forgotten the answers to all these simple questions and yet ……

Oh, Allah. Please guide me to the right path …Thank you Allah for making me realize something about myself. My true that I can change for the better...



Abu Usamah Mohd Masri bin Mohd Ramli said...

Assalamualaikum wbt.

I think you have given the right answer by mentioning what is the purpose of covering it if we tell others how long our hair is.

Your small mistake is when you asked her to find by herself.

Maybe, later, you can approach her, and tell her why you cover your hair.

Just give a simple answer. You start your answer with: I don;t wear it for any guys, any person, I cover it because Allah asks me to cover it.

FYI, in term of aurah with non-Muslims, our scholars have different opinion. Some of them say that it is just the same like with other Muslimah. No need to cover hair etc.

But Syafie's school says that it is similar to our aurah in front of non mahram males.

aliya said...

Assalamualaikum sis,
Perhaps you could make it sound light by asking her how long she thinks your hair is? Then see how the conversation goes, playfully challenge her to cover her hair for an hour? I'm sure your friend was just being friendly. Don't be disheartened, there're many other chances to do dakwah, insyaAllah. The best way is an indirect approach, so do look out for such opportunities,k.