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Friday, October 24, 2008

Friends of Mine

Bismillahi Walhamdulillah…

Ada satu kisah menarik.

Assalamualaikum, ya akhi…ya ukhti…” handphone sony ericsson ku berbunyi. Lagu Opick Yang pasti, ni bukan jenama boikot.

Aku baru nak terlelap qailullah, tengok skrin.. Huh?

Calling… Xiang Ying.

“Hello, izyati. Sorry for disturbing you aa. Can I ask you some questions?” I heard her voice from the phone.

“Sure, what is it?” gementar juga berbual dengan best student food tech ni. Tapi takpalah. Mesti penting. Kalo tak, dia takkan kol.

“Um, what is the difference between hadis and sunnah? Is there any significance between Al-Sunnah and As-Sunnah? Why is there difference between both? That As-Sunnah is quite saturated in it rite?”

“How to spell Sohih Bukhari? Is it?”

“What is the difference between dalil and nas?”

“What is qias?”

I answered her question as far as I know. For the hadis and sunnah, Al-Sunnah and As-Sunnah, dalil and nas, I told her, it’s just the same thing. The difference is that the Arabic spelling. For the qias, wow… that challenged me to explain Islamic knowledge in English. I just explained about the example, so that she won’t get lost too much. I told her that Islam forbid us to kill ourselves (the rite word is commit suicide). And taking drugs also can lead to death. So, in Islam, it is haraam for us to take drugs as it can kill us. Well I think I need to explain more as there are some drugs used in pharmaceutical things. There is another case for this.

Then I asked her, “Why did u ask me all this?” just to know her. She said, “I’m studying Halal Food Production, that’s why I have all those terms. It’s good to ask ‘alim’ person like you..” then she laughed. I just smiled and said “haha” =)

Well, I think this is a good beginning for me to explain something about Islam to the non-Muslims.. in English, of course. I can still remember when I was in second year. That time was during Ramadhan, we were having laboratory practical together. I was fasting. While waiting for the results of the analysis, we had chat together and suddenly she asked me, “Aren’t you tired of fasting?”

I looked at her face for seconds (actually I was searching for words to answer her!). Then I just explain if u get used to it, you’ll never feel anything about it. Then we chatted about various things about Islam that appeared around her. Unfortunately I’ve already forgotten about her questions. I love it when she asked me questions but rarely she did. She’s a nice person. Maybe I have to be closer to her. May Allah gives her the Hidayah to be a Muslim. Ameen…

Having good relationship with those Chinese friends really benefit me. I don’t know why, but being with them really challenges me to do more and more. If giving chance to seek for group members to do assignments, I will find the Chinese girls. Additional information about studies and improving my communication in English also I learnt from them. For sure, I will speak English to communicate. And luckily Ching Huey wanna be my ‘lousher’ (teacher) for Mandarin Language. Sounds quite funny. But I’m serious in learning Mandarin. Pray for me. It’s good for dakwah in future.

Wah.. she keeps asking me questions. Now about thaharah. It seems that I have to study thaharah again. Beneficial for me also! If somebody think that she’s just using my advantage for her sake, now that's a false thinking. I’m just doing my job, for this is the Tarbiyah for me. Alhamdulillah…



PENDEKAR said...

moga dapat diperjelaskan lagi pada dia....

sebarkan lagi rasa cinta pada Allah

aliya said...

That's good news, sis. Just answer the questions to the best of your ability, hehehe.. not everyone gets the chance to dakwah to our nonMuslim friends, so make the best of it. Pray for me too coz I too am facing the same challenge. And thnaks for visiting me this weekend. Hugs2..